The truth about mirrors

from by It's everyone else



my cave is so small
i know every insect
and when i bring light
i never know for sure
who's here to listen and who's here as support

hush now, it's alright, it's alright
you see on this planet
you need to be able to speak, smile, nod, shake
be a calm lake

hell no, you'll never convince me
that being a prophet is the only way i will survive
take this heart and forget me

science of weakness, the prey of the meek
a frown in the way as i slay white teeth
the answers are clear but mouths cannot wait
rotting and begging is overpriced

can't take the chronic, the weak smell a sign
while singing and burning i'm breaking my promise
take it or leak it, i'm feeling alive
once you cry you're nothing


from Heaven is an empty room, released November 25, 2016




It's everyone else Slovenia

It’s everyone else will shatter your preconceptions about electronic music. They combine distorted synths, glitchy samples and two merciless vocals to create an eclectic mix of industrial, hardcore, rock, noise and pop. They are known for their wild live performances, which will leave you feeling violated in the most pleasurable way. ... more

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