The joke is on the sun

from by It's everyone else



buried in sundials
buried, letting them fall away
i'm untied
never let it be hauled away
hands, freeze frames
even herons believe this
so bright
never leaving him here to wait

it's all hives
i guess it's better than no sign
always the same place but no relief
it seems that no one deserves this

i'm ready to cut ties
plague anyone crossing my way
this pride
the hammer is here to stay
cross out
ready to see you break
so bright
never leaving her here to wait

all hate aside, another great cast
always hiding in a safe nest
pacing in pain there's no place left
all hate aside

i'm slaying it tonight
i've got the scissors on my side
my tears are lighting up the sky
as i unleash the parasite
i'm breaking apart but i
i've got the creatures on my side
another seven paralyzed
can't wait for the planets to collide


from Heaven is an empty room, released November 25, 2016




It's everyone else Slovenia

It’s everyone else will shatter your preconceptions about electronic music. They combine distorted synths, glitchy samples and two merciless vocals to create an eclectic mix of industrial, hardcore, rock, noise and pop. They are known for their wild live performances, which will leave you feeling violated in the most pleasurable way. ... more

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