Sleep is so cruel

from by It's everyone else



our presence lies
time doesn't touch
the one i love
i eat defeat
i am nothing

what is this... i... see standing... on... the... edge of our... shrine
my pity is a wandering grave

what is this... haunting... my dreams of... you... why do they... follow... me
so pretty, dead and so brave

why do they always start selling heat
why do they?
when will they start selling signs
when will they?
why is it all heat?
why is it?


from Heaven is an empty room, released November 25, 2016




It's everyone else Slovenia

It’s everyone else will shatter your preconceptions about electronic music. They combine distorted synths, glitchy samples and two merciless vocals to create an eclectic mix of industrial, hardcore, rock, noise and pop. They are known for their wild live performances, which will leave you feeling violated in the most pleasurable way. ... more

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