New Religion

by It's everyone else

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released April 18, 2014

music by It's Everyone Else
artwork by It's Everyone Else
mixed and mastered by Robi Bulešić

released on Noise Appeal Records
catalogue# noise40




It's everyone else Slovenia

It’s everyone else will shatter your preconceptions about electronic music. They combine distorted synths, glitchy samples and two merciless vocals to create an eclectic mix of industrial, hardcore, rock, noise and pop. They are known for their wild live performances, which will leave you feeling violated in the most pleasurable way. ... more

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Track Name: I've Lost a Life
i've lost a life
again out of time
and i don't see the way
but it's okay
this time i'm just a throwaway

you're free, the begging millions
i hear the awakening call, the age-old song
i can't see
why can't you see
the poor machines... cry
what a defeat
what a shame
Track Name: Sirens
their voice will sneak inside you
create a home inside you
and make you think out of tune
their call is not a sound
nothing is louder than an ancient line

burn your bridges
Track Name: New Religion
i am starting a new religion
i am done waiting for you
to start a fire
a cleansing fire
Track Name: Guilt Dispenser
your mind is unreadable

broken-armed women
they'll love you to death
Track Name: Years
time growing over my wild eyes
always a step behind the rainbow
and i'm not blaming you
stabbed the neck of my needs
i’m a Sunday evening fire
in my own church
always a step behind the rainbow
i wish i could stay awake

time is always out of line
and even if i go
i may never ever know
and it's written in the stars
that the only way you'll cry
is when you lose it all
as i smell and I feel your flesh falling apart
i wish i could take away the years
i wish i could take away the fear
Track Name: Grinder's Lament
come in, ignore the skulls i swear they're not your friends’
come in, relax and just believe my empty grin
come in, i'll teach you all the lies you need to know
come in
come in, i’ll show you all the masks you need to wear
come in, i'll show you how to sell your yourself to them
come in, integrity is nothing but a scam
come in

this is a show for the lowest of the low
and you are more than welcome to drown
the more you forget the more you will know
a hundred years old but still a small boy
there is no light beneath all this woe
I beg you please, please, please go
this is the place where nothing’s awake
we’ll just wait for the sun to explode
Track Name: My Body Knows Something I Don't
the whispers of my blood are keeping me awake
they never let me sink into the Nile
echoes of the plane crash turn to rust
turn to rust

i feel a stir
the ocean wakes
i can't resist
it's been quiet for too long

i barely float
my senses are getting ready for war
the ocean spills
i can't resist
my body knows something i don't
Track Name: Emperor's Old Clothes
backbones have gone out of style
the nodding’s making me seasick
you have an ocean of choice
but still you cling to the same shit

oh, my

the drones surrounding your throne
will soon move on to the next hive
their loyalty is just greed
they kiss your ring just to taste it

oh, my

maybe i’m just envious i wish i could demand so little of myself, it would save me a lot of grief
maybe i’m just bitter see i wanted to believe that we’re the same, but we’re worlds apart

you hype it up so no one sees your shallow heart
your masterpiece is just a smear disguised as art

show yourself!
Track Name: Hangman
you wear your pain just like a medal around your neck
you just broke your own heart

what he's done