Is it me?

by It's everyone else

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music, lyrics, mix, master, art and design (and everything in between) by It's everyone else


released May 5, 2012




It's everyone else Slovenia

It’s everyone else will shatter your preconceptions about electronic music. They combine distorted synths, glitchy samples and two merciless vocals to create an eclectic mix of industrial, hardcore, rock, noise and pop. They are known for their wild live performances, which will leave you feeling violated in the most pleasurable way. ... more

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Track Name: weathercock
again that song, and why belong
your guess is wrong, and why belong

and this city is dead

this is not the time for invention
this is not the place for creation
Track Name: rabies and gentlemen
gather round this baby is about to die
please entertain me cause I’m so empty
please listen to me cause I’m so lonely

this war in me
its muffled screams
the severed limbs
well I can’t take it

the whore in me
the gagging pleas
the broken teeth
well I can’t take it

this tragedy
the soiled sheets
the bloody streets
well I can’t take it

the death of me
it’s freezing heat
it’s sweet defeat
well I can’t take it
Track Name: pig milk
just like Jesus with a twist
just like the devil with a weak fist

she’s no gatherer
she’s a pitchfork
Track Name: forget
the vacant parking lot is dying to see you drown
you try to kill the light, but there is still the sound
you turn and ask ‘how does a whore run from her blood?’

the road descends but you’re to scared to brake the mold
your frozen friends will never understand this cold
the thought escapes you and you know you’re past the edge

it’s already inside you
Track Name: locust
forget your name
a rainbow child
the bleakest smile
an open vein
just my luck
and nothing stops
you didn’t change
a locust pest

walk with me to the end of everything that makes you feel all right
take my hand and leap into the pool of black complaining skies
you never know when it’s time to say that it’s time to say goodbye
and that’s when the teeth recede from all the skulls buried in your backyard

lose your name
a bleak surprise
a doomsday smile
an open plain
a clusterfuck
and nothing helps
the seasons changed
the locust rests

our designer prison
a perverts dream
an electric bishop
such a deadly scheme

an important message
just simple nonsense
a sterile promise
no effect just heavy fumes
Track Name: glass
she confessed
a dark guest
a torch in
her wet nest

he came on
her pale breast
her torn dress
a failed test

it’s nothing
this warm thing
this plastic
so pointless

just jam it
this fortress
you truly
are worthless

her empty eyes still smiling/harlot

get, get it down,
she won’t swallow it now
the well is all dried out
and all the hands are bound
get, get it down
the fire’s all around you

let, let her drown
she won’t even look down
the pigs are running around
all the ghosts skipped town
let, let her drown
t­­­­­­he fire’s all inside you
Track Name: dinner for two
two years of seething
but still you trust the spell
your colour’s bleeding
you hardly look yourself

now you are but a joyless drop
in a wretched sea of supposed-to-be
your heart is dry your tongue is tied
the sparkle’s left your selfish eyes

your member’s pleading
but there’s no way in hell
your daily beating
is only love misspelled

sever the tendon

your member’s pleading
but there’s no way in hell
your daily beating
is only love misspelled

this is not love
Track Name: doubledead
closed doors
moving floors
furry throat
flaming boats

waiting for the perfect ending scene
now’s the time to throw it all away
basement full of empty fantasies
streets dressed-up as ugly memories

anchors float
eat crow
are you… still
crying at your own grave?

what is this supposed to be?
blink and this wall will dissapear
I’m afraid that you might see
that it’s not that funny to me
Track Name: only mothers and clouds
your acid eyes
numb my Hyde
your black-mailing cries
I say blood lies
I’m your biggest lie
besides »I’m fine«
a you eat up all my skies
I cook up your alibis

and… all my glow belongs to you
and… your broken heart is now my only friend
and… this beast now roams the wonderlands
and… my scars are all your suffocating plans
and… I’m so glad you chose me as your curse
and… all my glow belongs to you
Track Name: parallels
there’s a monster standing in the way
straight lines filling up my brain
trusting in my own words is
part of the problem

the only thing that makes you cry
is sweat dripping into your eyes
kneel down and kiss the light
and cut through your own bones

the noises will never let me heal
their spell is pulling me away
what do I have to say
the witchhunt will not stop